Awesome Stacks

Awesome Netlify Status

Awesome Stacks is a community-curated list of tech stacks for building different applications and features. It is open source and inspired by the original awesome list.

Each stack in the list has a name, description, and list of a few of the key tools and technologies. Optionally, it links to a tutorial, starter kit or boilerplate that makes it easy to get started with.

Got a stack you think is the best way to do something? Please edit this file and add it! Check out for more information.

Where can I see the stacks?

Stacks can be browsed in two places—on the README and on The site, built with Gatsby and React, displays logos and metrics about each tool listed in the README by pulling data from the GitHub and StackShare APIs.

Who writes the stacks?

You do! Just like awesome lists, anyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute their knowledge. See the Contribution Guide for how to get started.

Who’s behind all this?

Awesome Stacks is built and maintained by StackShare with the help of DeveloperMode. StackShare’s mission is to help developers discover new tools and make better technology decisions, and generally to make building software more awesome ✌️